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6A10.10 - Speed of Light6A10-10-Speed of lightThis demonstration illustrates how the speed of light can be measured.
6A02.15 - Silhouette Shadows6A02.15-3Demonstrates an umbra and penumbra using both point and extended sources.
6A02.35 - Laser and Chalk Dust6a0215silhouette shadows-1This demo shows the linear nature of a laser beam by clapping a blackboard eraser near it ...
6A10.10 - Blackboard optics6a1010blackboard optics plane mirrorThis demonstration uses the plane mirror from the blackboard optics set to show how light
reflects off a plane mirror.
6A10.15 - Laser and Flat Mirror6a1015laser and flat mirror-1This demonstration shows that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection.
6A10.20 - Diffuse vs Specular Reflection6a1020diffuse vs specular reflection-1This demonstration illustrates the difference between Diffuse and Specular reflection.
6A10.30 - Corner Cube6a1030corner cubeShows how 3 mirror retroreflectors work.
6A10.42 - Kaleidoscope6a1042aThis demo uses three large mirrors which serve to model a kaleidoscope.
6A20.30 - Light Bulb Illusion6a2030light bulb illusionA concave mirror is used to project a real image of a light bulb onto an empty socket ...
6A20.35 - Optical Mirage (bug mirror)6a2035optical mirageThis mirage uses two concave mirrors to project an image of the bug in the opening.
6A20.45 - Large convex and concave mirrors6a2045large convex and concave mirrors-2This demonstration illustrates the images formed by convex and concave mirrors.
6A20.60 - Energy at the focal point (ignite gun cotton)6a2060energy at the focal point-1This demonstration visually shows that a mirror can focus Infrared waves at the focal point.
6A40.30b - Disappearing Beaker6a4030bdisappearing beakerThis demonstration shows that an object with the same index of refraction as a liquid will ...
6A40.70 - Beer Mug Refraction6a4070beer mug refractionThis demonstrates refraction at an air/water surface. Reveals the tricks of bartenders.
6A42.10 - Blackboard optics - refractionUsing the plastic cubes in the blackboard optics set, you can show how ...
6A42.20 - Refraction Tank and Laser6a4220refraction rank and laserThis demonstration shows what happens to laser light when it encounters an air-water surface.
6A42.45 - Stick in Water6a4245stick in waterThis demonstration shows the refraction of light from water to air.
6A44.10 - Blackboard Optics - Total Internal ReflectionUsing the blackboard optics set, you can show the effects of total internal ...
6A44.20 - Critical Angle6a4420critical angleWith a small tank of water, you can use a laser beam to show the critical angle.
6A44.40 - Laser and Fiber Optics6a4440laser and fiber opticsThese fiber optic devices show how we can exploit total internal reflection to transfer light across...
6A44.45 - Laser WaterfallThis demonstration shows total internal reflection through a stream of water.
6A60.30 - Projected Filament with Lens6a6030projected filarment with lensThis demo projects the filament of a light bulb onto the screen using a plano convex lens.
6A60.31 - Projected Arrow with Lens6a6031projected arrow with lensThis demonstration uses an optical bench with two arrows as the light source ...
6A61.20 - Pinhole Camera6a6120This demonstration (often referred to as the reverse pinhole camera) uses a light bulb inside ...
6A65.70 - Frensel lens6a6570frensel lensThis is a very big frensel lens. We also have two small frensel lenses.
6A70.31 - Cameras6a7031camerasWe have several various cameras, including digital, instant polaroid, and an old film camera to be used as a prop.
6B10.30 - Paraffin block photometer6B10.30-1This device can be used as a light intensity meter.
You can use this to compare the intensity of ...
6B30.10 - Radiometer6b3010radiometerThis is a small radiometer.
6B40.10 - Light on a Variac (Black body radiation)6b4010light on a variacUse to show that radiated color changes with temperature.
6C10.10 -Single Slit and Laser 6c1010single slit and laserThis demonstration shows the diffraction pattern of laser light passing through a single slit.
6C10.15 - Adjustable Slit and Laser6c1015adjustable slit and laser-1Using a variable width slit, you can show what happens to the diffraction pattern when the slit size is varied.
6C20.10 - Laser and Diffraction (Poisson's Bright Spot)6c2010laser and diffractionThis demo shows that laser light can diffract around an object such as a razor blade or pin head.
6C20.15 - Razor Blade Diffraction6c2015razor blade diffraction
6C20.20 - Thin Wire Diffraction (strand of hair)6c2020thin wire diffractionA narrow opaque object will create a diffraction pattern that may be used to measure the width of ...
6D10.10 - Double Slit and Laser6d1010double slit and laserThis demonstration shows the double slit interference pattern for laser light ...
6D20.10 - Multiple Slits and Laser6d2010multiple slits and lasersThis demonstration uses a slide with varing number of slits (between 2 and 5) ...
6D20.15 - Diffraction Gratings and Laser6d2015-1diffraction gratings and laserThis demonstration shows what happens to laser light that passes through a diffraction grating.
6D20.32 - Compact Disk Diffraction and Laser6d2032compact disk diffraction and laserDemonstrate that a Compact disk can act as a diffraction grating.
6D20.50 - Crossed Gratings and Laser6d2050crossed grating and laser-1Show the pattern of a crossed grating using laser light.
6D30.10 - Newtons Rings6d3010newtons ringsThis shows interference patterns from a thin air gap between glass.
The knobs on the side ...
6D30.20 - Thin Film interference (soap film)6D30.20-1This demonstration shows the interference effects of thin films. If the film survies to a point ...
6F10.10 - Addition of Primary Colors6f1010addition of primary colors-1This demonstration shows the addition of the primary colors (red, green, and blue).
6F10.20 - Color Filters6f1020color filtersThese filters can be used to show the addition and subtraction of colors.
6F10.55 - Band Absorption Spectra6F10.55-1This demonstration shows how some materials absorb certain wavelengths of light....
6F30.10 - Dispersion curve of a prism (chromatic dispersion)6F30.10-1Using a focused white light souce and a prism, a visible light spectrum is projected.
6F40.10 - Blue Sky Red Sunset6f4010blue sky red sunset-1This demonstration illustrates the effects of light scattering in water (similar to the atmosphere).
6H10.10 - Polaroids on the Overhead6h1010polaroids on overheadThis demonstration shows students what happens to the light intensity when one ...
6h30.40-Circular Polarization6h3040This demonstration shows how lasers, polarization filters, and corn syrup interact with each other.
6H35.50 - Stress Plastics by Polarization (birefringence)6h3550This demonstrates the stress pattern in diffrent plastic shapes using polarized light (example of birefringence).
6H50.10 - Polarization by Scattering (using blue sky red sunset demo)6h5010polarization by scattering-1This demonstration shows that scattering of unpolarized white light becomes polarized.
6J12.10 - Stereograms6j1210stereogramsThese are three stereogram books with stereographic glasses.
One book is of rocks, and...
6J12.11 - Kids Stereogram6j1211kids stereogramsThis is a kids stereogram with matching sesame street disk.
6Q10.10 - Holograms6q1010hologramsThis demonstration shows students what a Hologram is and how it works.