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This page contains all the Fluids demos.  To navigate to a specific category of these demos, use the menu on the left. To view a demo, click on either the image or the number/name.

2A10.40 - Surface Reaction (soap/pepper)2a1040surface_reactionThis demonstration shows what happens to the surface when you put a drop of soap in water.
2A20.10 - Capillary Tubes2a2010capillary_tubes This is a set of capillary tubes of various diameters used to show capillary rise with water.
2B15.35 - Bell in a Jar2b1535Silence in a vacuum demonstration.
2B20.40 - Pascal's Vases2b2040pascals_vases This shows that the liquid pressure is the same for any given depth below the ...
2B30.10 - Crush the Can (Vacuum pump method)2b3010crush_the_canThis demonstration shows atmospheric pressure.
2B30.30 - Magdeburg Hemispheres2b3030magdeburg_hemispheres This demonstration shows the force of atmospheric pressure.
2B35.30 - ManometerThis demo shows how a manometer works using water. When the balloon releases air, it adds pressure to the left side and pushes the water up on the right.
2B40.10 - Archimedes Principle (Buoyancy)2b4010archimedes_principleThis demonstration illustrates that the buoyant force on an object is equal to the weight of the water displaced.
2C10.10 - Velocity of Efflux2c1010velocity_of_efflux_2 This demonstration shows that the velocity of the water stream is faster at the bottom.
2C20.30 - Floating Ball (Bernoulli's Principle)2c2030floating_ballUsing a stream of air, you can make a ball "float" inside the stream. A variation of this is to attach a funnel ...
2C60.20 - Density Balls in Beans (density differentiation)2c6020density_balls_in_beans_2This demonstration illustrates the fluid properties of granular systems.