From this page you can view demos for Astronomy classes.

This page contains all the Astronomy demos.  To navigate to a specific category of these demos, use the menu on the left. To view a demo, click on either the image or the number/name.

8A10.10 - Orrey8a1010A Mechanical model of the plane solar system.
8A10.25 - Phases of the Moon8a1025Have the students use golf balls to show the phases of the moon.
8A10.80 - Celestial Sphere8a1080Model of the sky as seen from Earth.
8A20.20 - Cratering8a2020dThis demonstration illustrates how craters are formed.
8B10.50 Sun Spotssun_spot_1
8B20.20 - Doppler Effect and Stellar Spectra (Photon Balls)
8C10.10 - Expanding Universe8c1010bA mechanical model of the expanding universe according to the big bang theory.