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4A30.10 - Bimetalic Strip4a3010bimetallic stripThis demonstration shows the thermal properities (thermal expansion) of two diffrent metals.
4A30.20 - Ball and Ring4a3020ball and ring 2This demonstration shows the thermal properties (thermal expansion) of metal. One ...
4A40.30b - Smashing FruitThis demonstration shows how the properities of fruit change at low temperatures. This can also be done with a flower (see 4A40.30a).
4B20.10 - Convection Tube4b2010convection_tubeThis demonstration shows convection currents.
4B30.10 - Rate of Conduction (dropping balls)4b3010rate of conductionThis illustrates different material's rate of conduction.
4B40.10-Light the Match4b4010lightthematchThis demonstration visually shows that a mirror can focus Infrared waves at the focal point.
4B50.60 - Greenhouse Effect4b5060greenhouse_effectBy using a computer and digital display thermometer, you can show the class that equilibrium temperature ...
4B70.10 - Fire Syringe4b7010fire syringeThis demonstration shows the relationship between Pressure, Volume, and Temperature ...
4C20.20 - Ice Bomb4c2020 ice bomb 3This demonstration illustrates a decrease in density when a liquid undergoes a phase change to a solid.
4C30.35 - LN2 Bomb4c3035ln2_bombThis demo shows what happens when LN2 warms up inside a closed container.
4C32.10 - Sling PsychrometerSling Psychrometer Use a commercial sling psychrometer to determine relative humidity. Two ...
4C50.20 - Critical Opalescence4c5020bThis apparatus is used to illustrate critical opalescence near the critical point.
4D20.10 - Crookes' Radiometer4d2010crookes_radiometerThis demonstration shows a crookes' Radiometer.
4E10.15 - Balloon on a Flask4e1015balloon_on_a_flaskThis demonstration shows that the pressure increases as water is heated up and changed to steam.
4E410.20 - Balloon in LN24e1020balloon_in_ln2_3This demonstration shows what happens when an air filled balloon is placed in LN2. When ...
4E10.25 - Crush the Can (thermo method)4e1025crush_the_can_2Crush the can using the principles of thermodynamics.
4E10.40 - Hot Air BalloonHot air rises!
4E20.25 - Boyle's Law Apparatus4e2025boyles_law_apparatusThis apparatus is used on the overhead. There are two ways to use this.
First, you can connect it ...
4E20.40 - Balloon in Vacuumballoon in vacuumThis demonstration shows what happens to the volume of a balloon when pressure is reduced.
4F30.01 - Hero's Engine 4f3001heros engineThis demonstraion uses a hero's engine to illustrate that with increased temperature and constant ...
4F30.10 - Stirling Engine4f3010stirling engine 2This demonstration shows that a sterling engine operates simply by heating one end. A ...
4F50.12 - Thermoelectric Fan (Peltier)4f5012thermoelectric_fanBy keeping the plates of a peltier at different temperatures, a current is produced to run the fan.