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7A10.10 - Photoelectric Effect7a1010photoelectric_effectIf you shine the UV light on a charged plate, the charge will leave the plate.
7A10.10-Photoelectric Effect with Neon Bulb

If you shine the UV light on a near powered neon light, the charge will induce the light (indicated by the light turning on.)
7A10.40 - Solar CellsThis demonstration illustrates a solar array.
7A60.10 - Electron DiffractionThis apparatus is used to show the diffraction patterns of an electron beam.
7B10.10 - Discharge Tubes (emission lines)View the emission lines of different sources with diffraction gratings.
7D10.10 - Geiger Counter and SamplesThis demonstration uses a Geiger counter to show the presence of radioactive samples.
7D20.10 - Mousetrap Demo (nuclear reactions)7d2010This demonstration shows what happens in a Nuclear Reaction.
7D30.60 - Diffusion Cloud ChamberThis demonstration illustrates the result of radioactive decay.
7D30.70 - CyclotronThis demostration mimics the motion of a particle in a real magnetic cyclotron.
7F10.05 - Gravitational Surface7f1005This demonstration is a visual representation of space time.