From this page you can view demos for Waves/Oscillations classes.

This page contains all the Oscillatory demos.  To navigate to a specific category of these demos, use the menu on the left. To view a demo, click on either the image or the number/name.

3A10.10 - Simple PendulumA simple pendulum is made with a ball on a string. The length of the string is variable.
3A15.10 - Physical PendulumThis is a Physical Pendulum that can be set at different positons.
3A40.10 - Circular Motion vs. Mass on a Spring3a4010bThis demonstration shows that Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM) looks like the 2-D projection of circular motion.
3A60.20 - Driven glider on air track (Driven Mass on a Spring with Dampening)3a5010This demonstration illustrates driven resonance of a mass on a spring with the option of damping.
3A70.10 - Wilberforce Pendulum3a7010wilberforce_pendulum_2This shows how energy transfers between vertical and torsional modes.
3A70.25 - Spring Coupled Pendula3a7025spring_coupled_pendulaThis demonstration shows the effects of two oscillating pendula connected by a spring. The height of the mass ...
3A70.31 - Spring Coupled Triple PendulaThis demonstration shows the effects of three oscillating pendula connected by springs.
3A95.52 - Chaotic Pendulum3a9552chaotic_pendulumThis is a Chaotic Pendulum with two degrees of freedom.
3B10.10 - Transverse Pulses and Waves (long rope)3b1010transverse_pulses_and_waves (rope)This demonstration visually shows a transverse pulse or transverse waves.
3B10.20 - Transverse Pulses and Waves (slinky)
3B20.11 - Longitudinal Pulses (slinky)
3b1020transverse pulses and wavesA slinky can be stretched across a classroom floor to show Transverse/Longitudinal waves and pulses.
3B10.30 - Horizontal Shive3b1030horizontal_shiveUsing this shive, you can demonstrate how wave pulses propagate.
3B10.50 - Vertical Shive3b1050vertical_shiveThis demonstration is a slinky that is suspended from a rod. With this you can visually show ...
3B22.10-Standing Waves on a StringThis setup demonstrates standing wave patterns on a string.
3B22.30 - Standing Waves with Horizontal Shive3b1030horizontal_shive_2Using the horizontal shive with one end driven by a motor, you can show the effect of ...
3B30.30- Bell in a Jar3b3030_jar_in_a_bellThis demonstration shows that sound cannot travel in a vacuum .
3B30.30 Bell Jar Vacuum
Bell Jar vacuum water
This demonstration illustrates low pressure vs high pressure like in a hurricane.
3B40.10 - Doppler Effect3b4010doppler_effect This demonstration illustrates the Doppler effect.
3B50.10/.12/.20/.25/.80 - Ripple Tank3b5010ripple_tank1 This apparatus is used to show various aspects of water waves. A point source ...
3B50.40 - Moire Pattern3b5040moire patternThese overheads can be used to illustrate Moire Patterns. Various shapes are available.
3B55.45-Acoustic InterferometerThis demonstration shows the effects of constructive and destructive interference
3B60.10 - Beat Forks (2 tuning forks)3b6010beat_forksTo demonstrate beats, place a small piece of clay on the top of one of the beat forks. Strike ...
3D20.10 - Sonometer3d2010sonometer A sounding box with strings, tuning machines, and adjustable bridges.
3D30.10 - Variable Vertical Resonance Tube3d3010variable_verticle_resonance_tubeThis is a Variable resonance tube. By changing the water level, you change the ...
3D30.11 - Vertical Resonance Tube3d3011vertical_resonance_tubeBlow across the mouth of diffrent size bottles to demonstrate that the properties of the air ...
3D30.35 - Resonance Cavities (frequency tube)3d3035resonance_cavitiesThese tubes can be wirled around to make diffrent frequencies. Only certain ...
3D30.40 - Chladni PlatesDemonstrates standing waves in two dimensions on a plate
3D30.50 - Dancing Flames (Ruben's Tube)3d3050jThis impressive demonstration can show standing waves ...
3D32.15 - Slide Whistle3d3215slide_whistle This whistle can be used to illustrate several concepts of air column resonance.
3D40.-- - Large Bell3d40large_bellFor when a small bell just won't do!
3D40.20 - Singing Rods3d4020singing_rodsThis demonstration shows standing waves within a metal rod.
3D40.51 - Chinese Spouting Bowl3d4051chinese spouting bowl This rather interesting demonstration uses a specially designed bowl which, when the ...
3D40.55 - Break Beaker (resonance)3d4055b This demonstration shows the importance of resonance. By sending powerful sound ...
3D46.15 - Resonant Tuning Forks3d4615resonany_tuning_forks This demonstration uses two identical tuning forks to show resonance. Strike one ...
3D80.20-Lissajous FiguresThis setup demonstrates Lissajous patterns on an oscilloscope.