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Our Goal

We want to provide the physics professors of UMass with a way of easily requesting demos that will be used in class to demonstrate physical properties. We have a wide variety of demos that span the whole range of subtopics in physics, and we know we can find the right demo to fit your needs; all you need to do is select, order, and relax!

Our ordering system was designed with the professor in mind. Every demo page is equipped with an ‘Add demo’ button that, when clicked, will generate a form asking for your name and the date you want the demo. After you send that information off, our site will notify the plecprep team, and your demo will be delivered on the date you requested. This service comes completely free of charge; all we ask are for a couple minutes of your time for selecting what you want. We’ll handle the rest.

With that we welcome you to the physics demos website!
Happy demonstrating!