3D40.51-Chinese Spouting Bowl

3d4051chinese spouting bowl

Video: Demonstration/Explanation Video

Description: This rather interesting demonstration uses a specially designed bowl which, when the handles are rubbed, will form standing waves inside the bowl.
When the bowl starts to resonate, the water will start to spout out of the bowl.


  • Chinese Spouting Bowl
  • Cloth
  • 2 C-Clamps
  • Soap
  • Acetone

Setup Procedure:

  1. Clean the handles with Acetone or isopropyl alcohol (use a Qtip)
  2. Fill the bowl with water 2cm below the main ring around the bowl (see top picture).
  3. Clamp the towel to a fixed table using the two C clamps. Make sure the little metal pieces of the C clamps are not in the way of the bowl.
  4. Wet the towel a little.
  5. Place the bowl on the towel making sure it’s not lopsided.
  6. Place the soap nearby.
  7. When the teacher is done, dry it out and return it to its box.

Demonstration Procedure:

  1. Wash your hands with the soap. Make sure you rinse your hands off thoroughly. You need a squeaky clean feel.
  2. Rub the handles with the Palms of your hand (not your fingers). It works best if you have on hand go forward while the other goes backward.
  3. Once you feel the bowl start to resonate, you can press down harder and go faster. The harder you press, the higher the water spouts.

Note: This demonstration requires practice!
We recommend you practice this before doing it in class.