3B10.30-Horizontal Shive

3b1030horizontal_shive 3b1030horizontal_shive_2

Video: Watch this demo

Instructor’s video

Description: Using this shive, you can demonstrate how wave pulses propagate under various conditions.


  1. With both ends of the shive free, grab the end of a rod at one side and move in an impulse
  2. Note how the resulting wave travels along the shive and is reflected at the opposite end with reduced amplitude
  3. Fix one or both ends of the shive using the alligator clips on stands
  4. Again move a rod in an impulse motion and observe how the wave propagates
  5. When the wave reaches the end, it will be reflected by a free to move end.

Note: The metal wires are very delicate. Make sure when handling the shive, rods do not get caught on your clothes.