Tracking camera for Has 134


  • Pixio camera mount with Sony camera on top
  • The 3 Pixio beacons
  • The remote sensor

Setup Procedure:

  1. Mount beacon  1 on the blackboard and turn it on
  2. Mount beacon  2 on the ramp railing closest to the door on the second tower and turn it on
  3. Mount beacon  3 on the ramp furthest from the main door, by the lecture prep door on the second tower and turn it on
  4. Mount the camera tripod on the first step of the classroom pointing towards the 1st beacon  and turn the camera and the bottom container on
  5. Use the zoom in function on the bottom to zoom so that you can reasonably see the professors head and body
  6. All of the Pixio beacons and camera should have a green light on
  7. Stand next to beacon 1 and turn on the remote sensor
  8. The remote sensor should be in sync with the camera within 20 seconds, and should be flashing green
  9. Test the remote by walking side to side in the room, being sure the camera is following you

Demonstration Procedure:

  1. Press the remote button to start recording and put the remote in your shirt pocket. The light should be a solid green
  2. Press the remote button again to stop recording