1M40.41-Ballistic pendulum


Video: Watch this demo

Instructor’s video

Bullet into block video with possibility for calculation (block raised ~20cm)

Description: This demonstration shows how kinetic energy gets transferred into potential energy through conservation of momentum and energy.


  • Ballistic pendulum

Demonstration Procedure:

  1. Arm the ballistic pendulum by pressing the ball back (spring loaded). This may require a little effort.
  2. When ready, press the trigger.
  3. Note that most of the kinetic energy is transferred to potential energy.
  4. Quantitative measurements can be taken to determine the initial speed of the pendulum, etc.
  5. Also note that this is very close to an inelastic collision.

Tips: Use the first notch on the ballistic so that the pendulum does not go beyond the angle markings. The angle should reach around 17-18º which can be used for quantitative analysis.