1D60.20-Drop and Shoot

1d6020_two_ball_drop_2 1d6020_two_ball_drop
Video: Watch this demo | Demo #2

Description: This demonstration illustrates how a ball shot out horizontally and a ball dropped with zero initial velocity will hit the ground at the same time, because they both experience the same vertical acceleration.


  • Two ball drop apparatus (see photo)
  • Both ball bearings for the apparatus (one has a hole through it)
  • Table clamp
  • 7- or 8-foot metal pole (there are some over 7 feet long up by the singing rods).
  • S-clamp

Setup Procedure:

  1. Clamp the pole to a table
  2. Use the s-clamp to attach the two ball drop apparatus to the pole.
  3. Once in the classroom, raise the apparatus and pole up as high as possible for the greatest effect.
  4. Make sure to provide a stool or a step-ladder for the professor to get up on to load and release the device (or, you may need to come in and run the demonstration for the professor).

Demonstration Procedure:

  1. Pull back the spring mechanism and lock it into place.
  2. Place the ball bearing with the hole on the end of the rod that sticks out beyond the iron base.
  3. Set the ball bearing with no hole on the OUTTER divot, near the edge of the iron base.
  4. To release, lift up on the release lever. You should be able to hear both balls hit the ground at the same time.