5N20.40: Tesla coil

5N20.40: Tesla coil
5N20.50: Tesla coil and Fluorescent Light (Watch this demo)
5N20.55: Electrodeless Discharge
5N20.60: Tesla coil and Skin Effect

Video: Watch this demo

Instructor’s video

Utah State University Demo video

Description: This demo uses a Tesla coil to illuminate a fluorescent light bulb
The high voltage charges generated by the coil create strong electric fields that excite the gas in the fluorescent tube, causing them to emit light.


  • Table top Tesla coil
  • Long florescent bulb
  • Circular florescent bulb
  • Large Clear light bulb
  • Neon gas filled tube

Setup Procedure:

  1. Test to make sure the Tesla coil powers on and lights the bulbs.

Demonstration Procedure:

  1. Turn on the Tesla coil by flipping the switch up
  2. Either with the room lights on or off, bring one of the florescent bulbs near the Tesla coil
  3. Repeat with the other florescent bulb
  4. Repeat with the clear light bulb
  5. The neon tube will glow red and the light bulb will glow a purple (due to the gas composition)

High Intensity Ultraviolet Light
Do not stare at the spark gap. Dangerous amounts of UV radiation may be emitted.

High Voltage / High Frequency
Due to the high frequency high voltage, keep away from sensitive electronics.
Avoid long contact, as electrical burns may occur.