5G50.10-Curie point

5g5010curie_point curie_point_4 curie_point_2 curie_point_1

Video: Watch this Demo

Description: This demo shows how temperature affects the magnetic properties of a ball of iron.


  • Blowtorch
  • Metal pot
  • Iron ball
  • Bar magnet
  • Metal stand with clamps

Setup Procedure: 

  1. Assemble the ring stand and clamp as shown in the above pictures
  2. Attach the bar magnet to the clamp and position the metal pot directly below it on the bench
  3. Attach the iron ball to the magnet above the pot

Demonstration Procedure: 

  1. Begin heating the iron ball with the torch
  2. After the ball has fallen turn off the torch and be careful not to touch the heated iron ball or magnet
Explanation: Ordinarily, a ball of iron will be attracted to a magnet but when you heat the ball to a temperature of at least 176° F (the Curie point), it loses its ability to be magnetized. The increasing energy makes the magnetic domains in the iron less stable meaning they are unable to align and create a magnetic field.
Note:  Be cautious when using the blowtorch, and be careful not to directly heat the magnet.