5D20.10-Wire coil in LN2


Video: Watch this demo

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Description: A wire coil is connected in series to a battery and light.
When the wire coil is put in the Liquid Nitrogen, the light bulb will become brighter.
The wire coil’s resistance decreased.


  • Power Supply
  • 6.3V light bulb with stand
  • Wire coil (shown above)
  • Dewar with LN2 (use the one pictured above as the coil can easily fit inside)
  • Safety equipment: Mask, thermal gloves, and thermal apron

Demonstration Procedure:

  1. Set up the power supply in series with the light bulb, and slowly increase voltage to show the bulb getting brighter.
  2. Turn down the voltage so there is almost no light coming from the bulb, then attach the coil in series to the bulb.
  3. Remove the dewar cover and lower the coil into it by holding on the string near the top of the coil, where the wires connect.
  4. The bulb will continue to brighten as you dip the coil further into the LN2.

Liquid Nitrogen Liquid Nitrogen
Use caution when working with liquid nitrogen, as it is very cold.