5A40.40-Deflection of a stream of water


Video: Watch this demo | Demo #2

Instructor’s video

Description: This demonstration shows that a charged rod can deflect a stream of water.


  • Rod and Fur.
  • Rubber hose connected to the sink.
  • A stand and finger clip to hold the hose above the sink.

Setup Procedure:

  1. Attach the hose to the sink.
  2. Put the end of the hose in a clap on a stand and aim it to the sink.
  3. Test the water to make sure it goes in the sink and the hose stays in the clamp (very important).

Demonstration Procedure:

  1. Turn on the water to get a very small (almost steady) stream of water.
  2. Bring a neutral rod near the stream and note that nothing happens.
  3. Charge the rod using the fur and place it near the water stream on the side.
  4. The water will become attracted to the rod and the stream will bend toward the rod.

Note: Works better with a small stream of water.
After a little while, the rod discharges to the water, and the stream will not bend as much.