5F20.50-Parallel Lights with Multimeter

Description: This configuration shows a set of parallel lights connected to AC voltage. This can show the voltage and current flowing through the lightbulbs with different sized batteries.


  • 2 Demo multimeters
    1 measuring voltage and 1 measuring current
  • Set of lightbulbs in parallel
  • 7 banana plugs
  • Car battery
  • 8 AA batteries attached together

Setup Procedure:

  1. Check to make sure all light bulbs have the same power rating and are screwed in tight.
  2. Check to make sure the multimeters work and are in their correct settings and all lights work.
  3. If the professor requests, include light bulbs of different wattage’s.
  4. When the professor is done, make sure all bulbs are the same power rating before putting away.

Demonstration Procedure

Multimeter in Parallel used for measuring Voltage

  1. Prepare 2 sets of banana plugs attached into each other
  2. Attach the series plugs to the V and Com outlets on the multimeter in parallel
  3. Attach each of those wires to the lightbulbs
  4. Attach the central banana plug in each series to the positive  and negative ends of the battery
  5. The light should light up and the multimeter will tell you a voltage

Multimeter in Series- used for measuring Current

  1. Attach the wire coming out of 40A outlet on the multimeter directly to the positive end of the battery
  2. Attach the wire coming out of Com outlet on the multimeter to the lightbulb
  3. Attach the third wire from the lightbulb to the negative end of the battery
  4. The light should light up and the multimeter will tell you a current