5E20.12 – Electrolysis of Water


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Description: This demonstrations shows how the separation of hydrogen and oxygen in water creates an electric current.


  • Electrolysis Kit
    • Battery Pack
    • Reversible Cell
    • H2 and O2 Containers
    • Syringe
    • Motorized Fan
  • Distilled Water


  1. Remove the red pin from the tube connected to the top nozzle on the H2 side
  2. Using the syringe, add distilled water to the tube until water leaks out the bottom nozzle of the cell
  3. Cap off the tube and let the cell settle for three minutes
  4. Take out the inner containers from the H2 and O2 beakers, and fill the beakers distilled
    water until the water level reaches the 0 line
  5. Insert the containers back into the beakers
  6. Adjust the water levels using the syringe until both beakers have the water level at the 0 line
  7. Connect the battery pack to the cell using the plugs and the terminals on the cell
  8. Turn the battery pack on; the inner containers should start filling up with H2 and O2 gas
  9. Turn the battery pack off after the H2 gas fills the beaker to the 20 level or so
  10. Unplug the battery pack and plug the motorized fan into the cell; the fan should start to spin


  • There’s a manual that should be with the kit that can help you set it up
  • It might be interesting to note that the H2 gas fills up twice as quickly as the O2 gas; this makes sense since it’s breaking down water (H2O), which has twice as much hydrogen as oxygen
  • There’s a solar cell that you can use instead of a battery pack to split the water, given enough sunlight