5A20.10 Rods and Pivot

Description: This demonstration shows how with one charged rod on a pivot, one can use another of the same or opposite charge to show attraction or repulsion.



  • Fur and silk
  • rod (glass and PVC)
  • pivot

Setup Procedure:

  1. fasten one rod onto the pivot if not already attached
  2. rub PVC rod with fur to make a negative charge
    1. Or rub glass rod with silk in order to make positive charge

Demonstration Procedure:

  1. setup a rod on the pivot
  2. using bold key in setup procedure, rub fur/silk on the rods
  3. explain how like charges repel and opposites attract as the rod on pivot reacts to rod in hand
  4. can change your rods/materials to your liking depending on which relationship you want to demonstrate

Caution: may cause a little static build up that may very mildly shock you