1C20.10-Penny and Feather in Vacuum Tube


Description: Drop a penny and a feather in a glass tube. First with air then a second time without air.


  • Vacuum pump with tube
  • Penny
  • Feather


  • Place penny and feather in the tube. Demonstrate how the two objects fall when there is air present. Simply flip the tube 180 degrees and watch them fall.
  • To remove air from the tube, turn on the vacuum and make the setting is correct (i.e. in is taking out air not pumping it in). You should keep the feather away from where the hose connects to the tube. The feather can get stuck onto the hose.
  • Once the gauge on the pump reads zero, you can turn the switch at the end of the tube 90 degrees which will close it off. Turn of the pump and remove the hose.
  • Again, flip the tube 180 degrees to watch the feather and penny fall. This time they will move at the same speed.