4E20.25-Boyle’s law apparatus


Video: Watch this demo

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Description: This apparatus is used on the overhead. There are two ways to use this.
First, you can connect it to the syringe and view what happens when you change volume.
You can also connect it to the ball and change its temperature by cooling it in LN2.


  • Boyle’s law apparatus
  • LN2
  • Glass container
  • Overhead Projector
  • Protective gloves

Setup Procedure:

  1. Place on the overhead projector and focus.

Demonstration Procedure:

  1. Connect the pressure meter to the syringe.
  2. By changing the volume of a closed container, you can show the change in pressure.
  3. Note that as you decrease the volume, the pressure increases.
  4. Disconnect the syringe and connect the fixed volume gas ball.
  5. Place the gas ball into the container of LN2 to show that pressure depends on temperature.
  6. Note that as the temperature decreases, the pressure also decreases.

Liquid Nitrogen Liquid Nitrogen
Use caution when working with liquid nitrogen, as it is very cold.