RLC Circuits

Description: This experiment explains resistance and capacitance in an RLC circuit through the use of decade resistors and capacitors.


Per Station (12 stations):

  • Voltage Probe lead F1
  • Pasco 550 interface F5
  • Pasco 550 power supply / cables F5
  • Decade R Box G2
  • Decade C Box G3
  • Inductor, 0.132 H, block mounded on black wood G4



Experiment varies the C and R of the circuit below. This is done by adjusting the settings

of the decade R and C boxes. Use the Capstone template RLC and initially set decade boxes to:

R= 200 ohm

C= 75 nF

Voltage probe should be connected from the ( + ) side of capacitor (red) to ground (black)

Students like to rewire this even though there is no need to once set. Return to schematic

below in event of problems with wiring.


To Understand how capacitors, inductors, and resistors function in a circuit, and their effects on current, voltage, and resistance.