RC Circuits


  • Per Station (12 stations):
  • Voltage Probe lead F1
  • DMM, Handheld Kelvin LE150 F3
  • Component Board F4
  • Pasco 550 interface F5
  • Pasco 550 power supply / cables F5
  • Leads B/B stackable:
  • Med 1 pair
  • Short 2-3 pair



Experiment is 2 part:

First part is slow decay. Pre wire boards to place switch in line with DC voltage from 550. Voltage

probe measures voltage drop across cap/resistor to ground when switch is opened. Resistor is

wired parallel to cap. Attach DC voltage and voltage probe across cap and resistor network.

Schematic shows discharging state.


Second part is fast decay, 550 supplies an AC voltage. Use voltage probe to monitor decay

across cap. Switch is either closed or can be bypassed entirely. This portion uses caps in series

and parallel. Students will re wire in this portion and become confused. Re wiring by you or TA

is common for this lab. Refer to schematics in lab manual.



The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate the resistance and capacitance through calculations in the circuits. observing decay through the two parts of the lab demonstrates how discharging works in capacitors with(out)  switches.


Lab Handout

Lab Report