Magnetism and Induction



In this lab we will explore properties of magnetism and magnetic induction. Just like the case in which there is an electric field that mediates the force between to charged objections, so too there is a magnetic field that mediates the force between magnetic objects.


  • Helmholtz Coil pair F4
  • Small Compass
  • Magnets
  • Galvanometers F4
  • 30 cm ruler I5
  • Function Generator TEK 250 G3
  • Oscilloscope TEK 2215 H3
  • BNC/DBL male adapter H3
  • Leads: at least 3 pair/ station 218

Special Instructions for Construction and wiring of Helmholtz pairs:

1. Coils starts at inner radius from Red contact post, winds outward towards

Black contact post.

2. Series Wiring: Power supply + and – both to Red posts, Black wired to


3. Values of parameters: N 1 =N 2 , R 1 = R 2 , B 1 = B 2



  • Plug in oscilloscope , and connect probe.
  • Plug in one coil into galvanometer, and the other into power supply.
  • Setup should be similar to image.


Lab Handout