Free Fall




  • 12 setups each consisting of:
  • Half meter stick I2
  • Timer I3
  • 18” aluminum bar M2 (in the drawer)
  • Motion sensor N4
  • USB link N4
  • Laptop with Free Fall Capstone template 218
  • Table clamp Q8
  • Golf ball T1


Clamp table clamp to bench and attach Al rod horizontally ( parallel to floor.)

Attach motion sensor to rod, point at floor.

Attach motion sensor and USB link to laptop.

Experiment is run using motion sensor to capture position of golf ball falling from

sensor face to floor. Multiple runs will be taken to get clean data over full range of motion.

Second part of experiment uses half meter sticks to calculate reaction time based on

where you catch (pinch) the half meter stick dropped at time zero.

  • demonstration procedure
  • tips
  • concept
  • a warning statement (if applicable).