Forces and Newton II



  • 12 setups each consisting of:
  • Hooked weight set: 2-20g, 1-10g, 1-5g (in tub) I7
  • Cord w/ S hook (in weight tub) I7
  • Pan balances (3 to 6) I5
  • Pulley P4
  • Track end stop P4
  • Pasco Cart Track P5
  • Pasco Cart P4
  • Motion sensor P3
  • USB link P3
  • Laptop 218



Set track with end stop and pulley on one end and motion sensor on the opposite

end. Attach hook to bottom eyelet of cart and run string under end stop and over top

of the pulley. Make sure pulley overhangs the end of the bench and string is not

rubbing on end stop or the track.

Set the motion sensor to “person” and move the cart with your hand while motion

sensor is active. Set motion sensor to capture “position.” Make sure you see a

smooth position plot on the display. If there are any large jumps on the plot rotate

motion sensor around the Y axis until you see a smooth plot with no jumps

throughout full range of cart motion. The sensor is now aligned.


  • demonstration procedure
  • tips
  • concept
  • a warning statement (if applicable).