• 12 setups each consisting of:
  • Hooked weight set: 2-20g, 1-10g, 1-5g (in tub) I7
  • Cord w/ S hook (in weight tub) I7
  • Pan balances (3 to 6) I5
  • Pasco Cart Track P5
  • 2 Pasco Carts P4
  • 2 Motion sensors P3
  • 2 USB links P3
  • Cart Weights P4
  • Older netbook laptops 218
  • Rubber bands Y2
  • Use below only if netbooks are unavailable.
  • If used, USB links are not needed. These are
  • needed because newer laptops do not sync the
  • USB ports/ motion sensors when taking data.
  • Pasco 550 F5


Setup Procedure:

Attach two motion sensors to each end of track. Place rubber bands on each end

of track to slow the cart down at the end of the track. The cart will often run into the

motion sensors. This can knock the sensor out of alignment. Follow the alignment

procedure below with one sensor at a time. Unplug the USB link for the sensor you

are not aligning.

Set the motion sensor to “person” and move the cart with your hand while motion

sensor is active. Make sure you see a smooth position plot on the display. If there

are any large jumps on the plot rotate motion sensor around the Y axis until you see

a smooth plot with no jumps throughout full range of cart motion. The sensor is now

aligned. Unplug the sensor and repeat with the second sensor.

  • demonstration procedure
  • tips
  • concept
  • a warning statement (if applicable).