Circular Motion


Equipment List:

  • Ohaus Balance, Triple beam (3 in lab, center table) I3
  • Ruler, 30 cm I4
  • Stop clock timer I4 or
  • Stopwatch (if timer un-available) I4
  • Slotted weight set I6
  • (cardboard sheet w/ white paper taped on,
  • inserted into wooden “slit board” base )
  • S hook (for above apparatus) I6
  • * if not on Apparatus
  • String ~ 8” (for above apparatus) I6
  • *Level all Units in both directions
  • Centripetal Force Apparatus K3
  • Visual Background board K3


  • set up procedure
  • demonstration procedure

Apparatus adjustments:

1. Set front end of beam exactly 7 inches from the center hold-down thumb screw.

2. Set counter weight at extreme back end of beam, with its surface flush w/ the

beam end.